Remember To Celebrate National Car Care Month

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With winter on its way out and spring beginning to bloom, it is only fitting that April is National Car Care Month and our team at Tom Masano Inc. wants to encourage all of our customers to begin scheduling regular maintenance appointments for your Mercedes-Benz model. Sponsored by the Car Care Council, National Car Care Month promotes the need to resolve any issues your car might have and is the perfect time to get your ride ready for your long road trips this summer. Driving in the spring also can bring its own problems, like traveling a very slick and wet road or through a heavy thunderstorm. That is why we recommend making an appointment with Tom Masano Inc.’s experienced service department to ensure components like your brakes, windshield wipers and tires are in their best condition. Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is most likely crucial in your daily life, so obviously you want it to be able to run for as long as it can. Here at Tom Masano Inc., we will be glad to take care of any problems you are having and do a complete check-up as a way to prevent any future issues. We guarantee we will have you back on the road and smiling behind the steering wheel of your Mercedes-Benz. Schedule your appointment today and have a happy National Car Care Month!
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