Fall Seasonal Maintenance at Tom Masano Inc.

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Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz Reading PA home, always wants our customers to be fully prepared for the upcoming fall season. Autumn brings with it lovely scenery with falling leaves and weather that slowly cools down to a moderate temperature. You should also remember that this wonderful fall weather can cause some problems for your car, truck or SUV if it is not properly maintained. That even applies to luxury vehicles, so the staff at Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz Reading PA destination, has gone over some of the most important factors that you should check out before the fall season really hits.

Oil: It is likely that you spent a lot of time out on the road this past summer season. You might have been traveling down to the beach for a relaxing day of fun, or you might have been taking that long road trip you were wanting all year long. No matter the situation, you more than likely have gained some miles on your vehicle. Check your model’s handbook and figure out how often you should change your oil. Keep your fuel mileage at a good rate and prevent engine issues by having fresh oil. If you’re looking to get your oil and your filter changed, then make your way to the Tom Masano Inc. Mercedes-Benz Service Center and get your model back on the road.

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Antifreeze/Cooling System: Fall might be here, but there still may be some warm days sneaking in there. Be sure that your engine gets through that heat by making sure that cooling system is fully flushed out and filled with the optimal amount of factory approved coolant fluid. Bring your vehicle into the service department of Tom Masano Inc. and our team will check and refill your coolant. Our team will also make sure your antifreeze is how it should be as well, so your engine will stay at peak performance as the weather grows colder. Get your fluids checked out at Tom Masano Inc.

Windshield Wipers: Winter and spring are not the only seasons that bring rough weather. Fall brings with it midnight thunderstorms and even snow as you get closer to the winter season. If your windshield is dirty, your eyes could get tired and safety issues could occur. Make sure that the blades of your wipers are working right, replacing them if there are any missed spots or problems. Keep your windshield clean by making sure that you have enough windshield wiper fluid.

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