Take Part In The Mercedes-Benz CPO Program

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Have you been looking for the right certified pre-owned car in Reading PA? Our team at Tom Masano Inc., your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, encourages all of our customers to take part in the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned program. All the certified pre-owned cars in our inventory have met the rigorous standards of the Mercedes-Benz brand and underwent extreme inspections to earn the certified pre-owned title. You also can depend on the extensive coverage provided by this CPO program, which includes a one-year unlimited mileage warranty that could be extended by at least two years. We also guarantee that you will have the confidence to drive your certified pre-owned car wherever and for as many miles that you want. Here at Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz Reading PA destination, we are proud to offer our customers the Mercedes-Benz CPO program.


To become certified, each pre-owned Mercedes-Benz model has to go through extremely extensive inspections of every aspect of the vehicle both inside and out. The highly-trained and knowledgeable service technicians at Tom Masano Inc., your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, will go over every component, feature, and function of the Mercedes-Benz model as they follow thorough checklists.

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They also will take the Mercedes-Benz model on several different road tests, before being truly satisfied in calling it a certified pre-owned car. You also can expect plenty of information on what the Mercedes-Benz CPO program offers you, such as the unlimited mileage on all CPO vehicles agreements and 24-hour roadside assistance for whenever you encounter a problem out on the road. When you are behind the wheel of a certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz model, you will have peace of mind that you are covered in a number of different areas


Our staff at Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz Reading PA destination, cannot wait to show you the certified pre-owned cars available in the Mercedes-Benz CPO program. Visit us to find yours today!

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