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Mercedes-Benz is known for its advanced technologies and innovative methods for making driving a lot easier. That is why our team at Tom Masano, Inc., a Mercedes-Benz dealer your Reading Mercedes-Benz destination, is proud to introduce CASE by Mercedes-Benz to our customers. Standing for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric, this initiative is the Mercedes-Benz commitment to having these four concepts shape the future of the automotive world. They are also focused on creating new ideas that will benefit drivers and improve the experience that comes from driving a Mercedes-Benz. Here at Tom Masano, Inc., a Mercedes-Benz dealer, your local Mercedes-Benz dealership, we are excited about the CASE by Mercedes-Benz initiative because it definitely will be significant for our customers and the way they drive.

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Since your Mercedes-Benz is essentially an extension of you, this concept revolves around keeping you and your Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT Roadster or 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan perfectly synced at all times. These models and others have features like Remote Start and Unlock, Vehicle Status, Remote Configuration* and more, to fully solidify the bond between man and machine. The interior of your Mercedes-Benz sports an MBUX infotainment system that lets you access your navigation, audio, contacts and a lot more via a touchscreen. The built-in Artificial Intelligence also will study your habits and continually adapts to all new information.


This concept is all about saving drivers time, providing them with peace of mind and allowing them to enjoy every minute of their journey. All of those are achieved with features such as Active Lane Change Assist and Remote Parking Assist. Mercedes-Benz is also hard at work engineering autonomous vehicles that will provide exciting possibilities through the enhancement of safety, comfort and convenience. Our staff at Tom Masano, Inc., a Mercedes-Benz dealer, your Reading Mercedes-Benz home, cannot wait to see what progress Mercedes-Benz will make regarding self-driving vehicles.

Shared & Services

A concept that promotes cooperation and unity toward the betterment of driving, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with several different companies to realize this goal. By working with Via, Mercedes-Benz will be providing affordable ride sharing, subscriptions and short-term rentals while reducing traffic in urban areas. Its partnership with Car2Go will allow people to rent a Mercedes-Benz through a smartphone and only pay for the duration of the trip. Be sure to ask our team at Tom Masano, Inc., a Mercedes-Benz dealer, your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, for more information about these companies.

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Electric vehicles are a large part of the modern automotive world and are also important to the preservation of the environment. The Mercedes-Benz EQ, EQ Power and EQ Power + vehicle lineup are among those models working to reduce fuel emissions without sacrificing performance. Mercedes-Benz also will be launching about 10 battery-based electric cars in 2020, and currently is refining its EQ system of products, services, technologies and more.

Here at Tom Masano, Inc., a Mercedes-Benz dealer, your local Mercedes-Benz dealership, we are honored to support the CASE by Mercedes-Benz initiative. Come by and see which Mercedes-Benz model will elevate your driving life today!

*Features may vary depending on vehicle hardware and capabilities

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