Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Vehicles

What's the Difference Between Buying a Used Car and a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

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You've probably heard someone somewhere joke about how "certified pre-owned" is a just a fancy way to say "used." While it's true that CPO cars have had previous owners, the difference between them and a traditional used vehicle is a lot more thorough than the jokes might suggest. Used and CPO vehicles offer different experiences, both of which might be more valuable to some drivers than others.

The big question you're probably wondering, of course, is what the difference is, and which one might be better suited to you. Let's a closer look at how used cars and certified pre-owned cars compare.

The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

While every CPO car is technically used, not every used car can earn the "certified" status that makes them special. To be certified, a vehicle generally has to have low mileage and be a recent-year model. You won't find many 100,000-mile twenty-year-old clunkers sitting in the CPO section of your dealership.

The final key to the certified pre-owned puzzle is a thorough multi-point inspection. Dealerships hire third-party inspectors to comb over a used car looking for problems. Once it's been determined a vehicle is in a near-to-new condition, it can be registered as certified pre-owned instead of just used.

Why is this valuable? It helps dealerships to separate higher-quality pre-owned options from the wider pool of their used inventory. This can make it easier for drivers to find vehicles with many of the same features and abilities as the market's latest options for less. Many dealerships also package their CPO models with long-term maintenance warranties aimed at boosting their value while also providing customers with extra peace of mind.

When Might a Used Car be Better for Me?

While many drivers might appreciate the like-new experience offered by CPO cars, traditional used cars still have a lot to offer. Dealerships like Tom Masano Inc tend to maintain a larger selection of used cars. You'll have more to choose from than you would if you limited yourself to certified pre-owned cars alone.

This includes cars from automakers outside of a dealership's brand umbrella. When you visit a dealership, most of their CPO cars will come from the same brands they sell brand new. Their used vehicle inventory, meanwhile, could include a wide array of vehicles from a smorgasbord of different automakers. Tom Masano Inc.

For most drivers, however, the biggest benefit of buying something used will be the price. CPO vehicles can feel like a bargain, but usually only when you're comparing them to their brand new counterparts. More traditional used cars, meanwhile, can run the gamut of price points. If you're working with a tighter budget, then your best bet for finding something affordable will most often be a used car. That used car might not always be the newest or more flashy, but that's not always what counts.

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