Mercedes-Benz EQC Electric SUV 2021

Always Pioneering Futuristic Designs: Meet the Mercedes-Benz EQC

SUVs for sale? Want an electrifying robust, smooth and quiet drive while you are cruising the road, city or country? The 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC offers a world expanded with luxurious, modern and compact efficiency.

With an expert approach, Tom Masano, Inc. in Reading, provides highest craftsmanship designs, sleek edges and class that integrates precise performance.

It’s our priority and pledge to you at Tom Masano, Inc. to optimize driver experiences with highest safety, innovation and long-term sustainability.

It is still early on, so find out even more details about the Mercedes-Benz EQC from our experts in Reading, Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh Valley and Montgomery county areas. We will finalize full details as we enter 2021. For now, let’s learn what we do know.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Top Ten Perks the Mercedes-Benz EQC Offers:

  1. Delivers ultimate performance quietly while the electric powertrain provides a smooth experience.
  2. The EQC interior cabin offers luxurious quality that supersedes other vehicles with futuristic sleekness. Five seats allow drivers to fit -spaciously while maintaining maximum personal space.
  3. Go-green and never compromise exquisite luxury in the process.
  4. Exact EPA figures have NOT yet been announced but speculators are estimating a 200-mile driving range.
  5. The battery life can charge anywhere from 10% to 80% in an expedited 40-minutes!
  6. With an infotainment center, never lose vital connections with the 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC. Stay entertained with two 10.25-inch screens that help you navigate, stay in tune and in-the-know.
  7. With driver-assistance technology, drivers can achieve an overall safer experience, hence preventing accidents by: monitoring blind-spots, assistance with lane keeping (Keep your Mercedes-Benz EQC in your own lane!), adapt cruise control
  8. With a competitive 4-year or 50-mile warranty, drivers can rest assured that hybrid components from Mercedes-Benz include up to 8-years and 100K miles of coverage; depending on what comes first.
  9. Mileage estimates have not yet been announced from Mercedes-Benz, but speculation has the range set at 80/70 MPG.
  10. Powered with 2 electric motors along with a lithium battery, and including a one-speed direct-drive transmission that communicates power to ALL 4 wheels, the 2021 EQC has over 402 horsepower and a 561 lb. ft torque! Powerful yet futuristically classy? – To say the least.

For electric cars and Mercedes-Benz EQC auto connoisseurs, and for progressive and innovative thinkers that want powerful electric driving capabilities and want to help sustain the earth’s natural resources, then this exquisite & electric SUV for sale is a must pick for the 2021 vehicle line-up at Tom Masano, Inc. in Reading!