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US Military – Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines: At Tom Masano, Inc. in Reading, we appreciate your service and sacrifices.

As a way of saying thank you for your bravery and HUGE efforts, we extend ultimate savings to you and your family.

We understand that life is always on the move. Between moving frequently, to adding a ton of mileage on your vehicle for recreational purposes or necessity; getting a new car for sale is on your list of priorities.

Certainly, we all need reliable, affordable and good-looking transportation to make life easier, more comfortable and fun.

For every US military member in the Air Force, Army, Navy or Marines, we welcome you to explore our new and used dealership in Reading, PA – step onto our lots or online. Above all, not only do we extend ultimate car savings, but we provide expert knowledge and utmost customer care.

Be sure to grab a new adventure on wheels and check out ALL military factory incentives at Tom Masano Auto Group.

Air Force, Army, Navy or Marines considering buying cars for sale can stop worrying about the cost. We provide options that can make it work for you and your unique situation.

Be sure to mention your military affiliation as our auto experts at Tom Masano Inc., a Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Reading ensure competitive savings & a luxurious experience in return.

Search our other dealerships for ALL military discounts on trucks, SUVs and cars for sale at:


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4 Quick Tips for Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Professionals Opting to Buy Trucks, SUVs, or Cars for Sale:

  1. Always have your military ID ready to prove your affiliation.
  2. Do diligent research beforehand on the car for sale that you plan on buying, leasing or financing. Certainly, keep in mind, our auto experts are here to teach you a ton of information about your new vehicle; just ask us.
  3. Don’t choose a new or used dealership that offers high interest rates. Most importantly, as a military member, your interest rate should be lower than average (always question high interest rates and never sign up for it!)
  4. Be sure to compare loan rates and check with your financial institution, perhaps their interest rate is the best? It is always a good idea to check with plenty of banking organizations; compare & contrast your findings.

Thank You for Your Service!

US Military discounts and cars for sale offer our team at Tom Masano, Inc. New & Used Dealership In Reading, a way to say – thank you for your service to all Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine professionals.

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