If your Mercedes-Benz in Reading PA is in need of a repair or some maintenance, then you should never settle for anything less than genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. This is why Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz dealer in Reading PA, always makes sure that we stock the finest OEM parts that meet all of the high standards of Mercedes-Benz. These parts have been quality-checked and finely-tuned in order to make sure your vehicle stays at peak performance and looking factory-new.

Make sure that your vehicle always boasts the kind of elite style, performance, safety, and comfort that people have loved about the Mercedes-Benz brand for years. These parts have been specifically tuned to fit the functionality of your model and have endured rigorous quality testing so Mercedes-Benz can make sure that all these parts come fully certified. All of these parts are covered by the Parts Limited Warranty for up to four years and are sure to bring your vehicle improved upkeep and better value over the long haul, as compared to a vehicle outfitted with aftermarket equivalents to these parts.


Mercedes-Benz Oil, Air, and Fuel Filters

Make sure your vehicle is outfitted with the proper filters, regardless if these are air filters or fuel filters. These components are absolutely essential to how your model performs over long periods of time. These filters work hard to keep contaminants from harming your engine so make sure that you are using Mercedes-Benz OEM filters whenever a replacement is needed. If the Mercedes-Benz trained service professionals at Tom Masano Inc. see that you are in need of a new filter, then let us replace that filter with one that is straight from Mercedes-Benz.

By using a Genuine Mercedes-Benz Fleece Oil Filter, you can make sure that your engine is experiencing the optimal level of engine lubrication and fuel economy. Absorbing 20% more than typical paper filters, this filter can catch particles as small as 0.005 mm and keep them from ruining your engine. Mercedes-Benz Cabin Air Filters are crafted from mold-resistant materials that have a high-dirt absorption capacity, allowing for the clean-air intake that your vehicle needs. You can also count on the Mercedes-Benz Air Filters to protect your engine from particles of dirt as small as a few thousandths of a millimeter.

Mercedes-Benz Windshield Wipers

Being able to see out of the front of your Mercedes-Benz is absolutely essential to safe driving. The wiper blades from Mercedes-Benz have been crafted to feature a number of pressure points along with optimized curvature that will fit wonderfully against your vehicle's windshield. These wipers are also manufactured from natural rubbers as well as synthetic rubbers so these wipers last for long periods of time, keeping their elasticity. Your wipers should be replaced when you see any streaking or hear any chattering or every 6 months, whichever happens to come first. Weather issues may shorten the length of your blades so get the new windshield wiper blades, including one for your rear window if you need one, that your vehicle needs at Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz Reading PA home.


Mercedes-Benz Collision Service and Parts

If you have experienced an accident, then bring your vehicle into Tom Masano Inc. to get the replacement parts that your vehicle requires. We will be glad to help you get the Mercedes-Benz parts and service that your vehicle needs to get back out on the road and running at peak performance. Collision parts are parts of a vehicle that are not typically replaced unless in the case of an accident. This includes parts such as your bumper, doors, hood, and trim pieces. Make sure that you are always getting genuine Mercedes-Benz parts during this process that all fit correctly and allow your vehicle to look and perform how it did when it first came out of the factory. This will bring you a number of advantages including Zincro-plated coating that prevents rust and deterioration. Make sure that your vehicle gets restored to all of its former glory when you get your vehicle repaired at Tom Masano Inc., your Mercedes-Benz dealer in Reading PA.

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